Meet the team


Gene Rose

Gene Rose is an award-winning advocacy campaign strategist, video producer, speechwriter and journalist. A former reporter, national spokesperson for several organizations and entrepreneur, he has a passion for nonprofits, associations and government agencies. He is a skilled strategic planner and facilitator with a specialty in getting groups to reach consensus and setting achievable and accountable goals. 


Amber Minogue

Amber is dedicated to advancing social justice, education and community development through allied engagement.  She is a skilled researcher on public policy issues ranging from P-20 education and health and human services, to workforce development, economic self-sufficiency and other social policies.  She has a diverse background working in public policy and nonprofit settings, with a focus on building community collaborations and coalitions. Her experience has given her a critical understanding of successful strategies within public policy and government that address the intersections of race, gender, social class and culture in order to effect change within the broader community context. 


Andrea Wilkins

Andrea is a nonprofit consultant in Denver, Colorado. She combines more than 15 years of public policy, legal, and writing experience to provide legal consulting, technical and topical writing services to nonprofit and public sector organizations. Prior to creating her consulting firm, Andrea spent five years in private practice representing clients throughout the Denver metro area on a variety of child custody and domestic relations matters. She served as program director to the State-Tribal Institute at the National Conference of State Legislatures where she was responsible for management of a $1 million grant-funded project focused on intergovernmental cooperation among the state legislatures and Native American tribal governments, managed a 12-member project advisory board, and provided staff support to the National Caucus of Native American State Legislators. In addition, she has a variety of experience working in the nonprofit sector including work with a Denver-area nonprofit where she provided legal assistance to domestic violence survivors.