Meet Andrea

Andrea is a nonprofit consultant in Denver, Colorado. She combines more than 15 years of public policy, legal, and writing experience to provide legal consulting, technical and topical writing services to nonprofit and public sector organizations. She served as program director to the State-Tribal Institute at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) where she was responsible for management of a $1 million grant-funded project focused on intergovernmental cooperation among the state legislatures and Native American tribal governments, managed a 12-member project advisory board, and provided staff support to the National Caucus of Native American State Legislators. In addition, she has a variety of experience working in the nonprofit sector including work with a Denver-area nonprofit where she provided legal assistance to domestic violence survivors.    

She has more than 20 years of experience in policy and legal analysis, including providing evaluation and summary of current research, identification and development of evidence-based policy recommendations, as well as 50-state analysis and identification of best practices, lessons learned. She has extensive writing experience including numerous policy reports, primarily focused on identification of best practices and policy recommendations to promote systemic improvement and support development of culture that fosters collaborative policy-development.

She’s provided guidance to nonprofit governing boards and has frequently developed and facilitated technical assistance programs for public sector audiences. Trained in collaborative law techniques, she also holds a mediation certification through CDR and Associates. 

Andrea’s expertise extends to a wide range of policy issues, including state-tribal relations and federal Indian law, welfare reform and poverty amelioration policies, human services, domestic violence, and affordable housing issues.  She holds a JD and MA (International Relations/Public Policy) from the University of Denver and a BA (Political Science and Women's Studies) from the University of New Mexico.