Meet Amber

Amber is dedicated to advancing social justice, education and community development through allied engagement. She is a skilled researcher on public policy issues ranging from P-20 education, social-emotional development and mental health, and health and human services, to workforce development, economic self-sufficiency and other social policies.  She has a diverse background working in public policy and nonprofit settings, with a focus on building community collaborations and coalitions. Her experience has given her a critical understanding of successful strategies within public policy and government that address the intersections of race, gender, social class and culture in order to effect change within the broader community context. 

Building on a background working in community development and then running a start-up nonprofit, her consulting practice seeks to help build capacity for organizations to achieve their missions and grow their organization. She achieves this goal by partnering with her clients to perform strategic project management, conduct research and evaluation, and provide policy analysis and consultation.  Recognizing that the strength of collaboration lies with how partners build together what any one organization could not build alone, she seeks to work with stakeholders from across sectors to achieve the common goals and outcomes for successful project completion.

Her community development and project management expertise has led to a series of accomplishments, most recently with the creation of Early Childhood Social Emotion and Mental Health Navigation Guide, a virtual community assessment tool designed to support collaborative decision-making in local community settings.

Her leadership on this and other projects in the early childhood arena includes serving on the State Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Infrastructure Committee, the NICU Consortium Executive Committee, and the NICU Partnership Council . She also volunteers her expertise serving as the Chair of the CTE committee and as a member on the Early Childhood Committee and the School Accountability Committee for the New Legacy Charter School, a start-up school in Aurora for pregnant and parenting teens and their young children. Amber holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and a Master of Arts in Education Policy.