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Our firm is composed of skilled individuals that bring a contemporary, unique and vigorous approach to serving its clients. We have a long history in policy development, legislative tracking, and the drafting and delivering of testimony to elected bodies, as well as a successful track record in timely grant reporting on multiple state, federal, and foundation grants. 


About Us

The Sinergie Project lobbying team offers a wealth of policy and legislative experience to nonprofits, associations, and organizations that need a voice at the Capitol.  With a background working across the 50 state legislatures—via the National Conference of State Legislatures—and working with the Colorado General Assembly, building relationships with elected officials is our speciality.    

While our expertise in the policy development process is strong, we believe what separates us from our competition is our passion—passion for our clients, their issues, and possibility to partner with them in reaching underserved populations.  We specialize in thoughtful, creative, and affordable strategies. And perhaps more importantly, we are accessible and are eager to serve as your  ally in the legislative arena.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

Meet Our Team

We serve as your ally in building coalitions, raising awareness and offering modern, cutting-edge solutions


The Sinergie Project brings a fresh, dynamic approach to educating and raising awareness of your issues with members of the Colorado General Assembly.

Sinergie Project is comprised of skilled professionals who bring a multi-disciplinary approach to our advocacy work in order to best serve our clients.  We have a long history in legislative policy development, bill tracking and advocacy, and the preparation and  delivery of testimony to elected bodies.  Our approach includes a strong commitment to, and experience with, coalition building and community outreach.

We specialize in:

  • Building relationships with public officials, community leaders, and key           stakeholders
  • Writing and delivering evidence-based, persuasive testimony
  • Bill tracking (state and federal)
  • Policy research and data analysis
  • Legal analysis and identification of unintended consequences
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Facilitation, collaboration, and community outreach
  • Organizational capacity building and strategic positioning
  • Messaging, public education campaigns, and strategic communications
  • Membership events, stakeholder convenings, and policy forums

Our comprehensive approach ensures we keep you on a proactive course of action, while providing support throughout the life of your initiative—from outreach and advocacy to policy development and implementation.  And our hands-on approach means we will keep you abreast of key developments on government action impacting  your interests , working with you to craft an advocacy and communications strategy that fits your  organization’s needs.

Call us at 303-221-4345 to set up a free conversation on how we can set up an effective and affordable way to track legislation important to you and to raise your awareness of your cause at the Capitol and throughout the state.