Partnering to create public policy that promotes justice and equity in communities.


Our Core Services

With more than 70 years of combined experience, the Sinergie Project Team is prepared to move your organization to the next level. And, if it's legislative knowledge and expertise you need, you will be hard pressed to find a team with more experience.


PolicY development and IMPLEMENTATION


Systems Building

Coalition Building

understanding state legislatures

Public affairs

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Our Mission + Sinergie Project

Our Mission

Sinergie Project champions personal fulfillment, professional excellence and paragon communities for individuals and organizations devoted to promoting equity for everyone.

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The Numbers

We follow the trends, analyze the research and know about the needs for nonprofits. Here are some you should know...



years of experience

we bring to help you build coalitions, change your systems, and bring policy to implementation.



of nonprofits need help

these nonprofits operate without a strategic plan. If you're one of those, let us help create one for you.



regional meetings

our regional report on aging issues in Colorado communities revealed critical issues as the state's population ages

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The Sinergie Project is Synergetic

You may have noticed that we spell “Sinergie” a bit differently. The European spelling of the word resonates our belief that there are no boundaries in finding solutions that make organizations stronger. We take great pride in helping organizations that are trying to create a better society.


No matter how you spell it, there is a great need to find Sinergie in any Project. Our name was selected to reflect our belief that success comes step by strategic step. We hope you will join us in our mission to build strong coalitions and strong organizations for the greater good.